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Thats the ecu, 8 wiring harness, which is connected on the ecu end, tuning cables, and the software, which does include the vealautotune. Building a sequential ignition system z31 megasquirt build. You could basically just replace each coil pack with a pair of cops and wire them in exactly as they were. The principles are old, see this naca report from 1940. Coil on plug has several advantages over conventional distributor type systems. Megasquirt pnp gen2 manual megasquirtpnp by diyautotune. With fewer connections and the elimination of the distributor rotor to cap air gap. You can fine tune the setting in the software, but if its a dramatic difference, check your grounds first. I was using an msd mechanical advance distributor and 6al before the upgrade. Corvair electronic fuel injection efi engine control. Are there enough advantages to the ms3 setup to warrant the upgrade. Megasquirt 3 pro computer aeromotive phantom 340 fuel pump system edelbrock super victor efi.

This is a megasquirt 3 efi system with expansion board its an open source flexible efi computer. If you have one of these, connect the ecu pin that goes to the coil negative to. Elite 2000 ecu plus an adaptor harness to connect to the oem wiring. Megasquirt mustang plug and play gen 2 standalone ecu 86.

Megasquirt and coil on plug ign pelican parts forums. It is designed to plug right into the factory harness where the factory ecu used to. Hey guys, i need some help changing over from a distribuitor ignition system to a coil on plug distributorless ignition motor is a honda b16a vtec the reason i need to change is because of limited space to work in, i allready have sourced the appropriate coils off a honda cbr929rr motor. Coilonplug coils cop are typically used in overhead cam engines. Elite 750 ecu plus an adaptor harness to connect to the oem wiring. Todays micro electronics and miniature sensors makes it possible. Beginning with the mspnp2, we redesigned the core of the mspnp hardware, basing it off of the much faster megasquirtii processor which will give you all of the control youve been looking for. For example, megasquirtii code can run on the megasquirti board. Coil and plug wires off of junk fords an explorer has the edis unit where its easy to find. Megasquirt efi conversion for b bodies only classic. Since 2001 the megasquirt family of ecus has been making the benefits of mappable fuel injection and ignition systems accessible to everyone.

You may already have such coils, or you may want to retrofit some to your application. Up to 4 cylinder sequential fuel and 6 cylinder coilonplug are supported. Megasquirt support forum msextra support and discussion forum for megasquirt 1, 2, 3, microsquirtmodule, diypnp, mspnp2, ms3pro. It allows all of the tuning and setup parameters to be modified and has a realtime ve table editor, which allow a vehicle passenger to tune the engine while driving. Up to 4 cylinder sequential fuel and 6 cylinder coilonplug are supported, various race features and can communications. When you stop driving the log is closed and you can go in and look at the data. The 2nd generation coil packs differ from the earlier units in that they are slightly smaller and lighter and the ht leads connect to pin in tower connectors rather. For example, if you want to convert your 9097 miata to use one msd coil for each plug. Megasquirt support forum msextra coil on plug view topic. Individual coil packs, customs plug wires and the trigger wheel are the next steps to getting your megasquirt z31 running. Early link ecu compatibility issues customers have reported.

Megasquirt support forum msextra wasted spark on e30. After all, this ability to tune the fuel and spark maps to match your engine is what a. The easiest and quickest solution to haltech your vehicle. Though removing the distributor because that is partly the reason to go coil on plug would remove the needed sensors to know where the crank and the cam are. Wasted spark conversion the easy way, ford edis to. Amongst the ecus that use these kits are megajolt light, megasquirtmicrosquirt and vems. Coil near plug coils are typically used in overhead valve engine applications in which the spark plugs are located close to the exhaust manifold. If you wanted to use individual coilpacks coil on plug like on the wrx, you would need to use a ford edis 8 cylinder system, as it is basically a 4 plug wastespark setup. A coil on plug in this location would experience extreme temperatures and would also make the engine much wider. Megasquirt2 gives many options, but most will require diy customization by the end user or builder. Matt cramer at diy autotune 1966 dodge dart slant six running on megasquirt. This is the latest top of the range megasquirt ecu the megasquirt 3 ms3.

I used the megasquirt ii controller with the version 3. Any tips on using megaquirt to drive coil on plugs ignition for porsche 911. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires 12 v battery, 12 v switched and ground. This setup will convert your na coil pack and nb wasted spark setups to an individual coil on plug. This controller is jampacked with features found on aftermarket engine controllers costing 10x as much, yet is easy to use and configure.

Variations include the original megasquirt, megasquirt ii msii and the latest microsquirt. The tuning software has been designed to work with any of the. With functionality usually only found on far more expensive systems megasquirt ecus have been used on everything from land speed racers to lawnmowers and pretty much. The generation 2 mspnp and all new mspnp pro reaches out to more of your favorite vehicles. The microsquirt module has three ignition input circuits, two which can be. Once drilled, measure from each hole made for the spark plug holes. For a custom 361 wheel for a small block chevrolet, see. If you wanted to use individual coilpacks coilonplug like on the wrx, you would need to use a ford edis 8 cylinder system, as it is basically a 4 plug wastespark setup. Megasquirt support forum msextra coil on plug setting. Continue shopping electronic boost control ebc solenoid kit has been added to your cart. Fab9 mx5 coil on plug conversion system plug and play. When you have you engine running, you can plug in the pc, open megatune, and ask it to datalog for you, as you drive the pc will store a range of engine data time, rpm mat cls 02 or afr volts spark duty cycle of injectors basically a huge amount of data. A megasquirt v8 custom loom kit this is the easiest way and probably the most reliable for the future. The microsquirt is the same as msii but in a small sealed case.

Fords electronic distributorless ignition system edis is an ignition system that does not require a cam position signal. Finally a complete drop in plug and play high quality custom megasquirt 1, 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. Elite ecu plus an adaptor harness to connect to the oem wiring. Once done, lay the strip back down on the valve cover. Install tunerstudio and megalogviewer software onto you computer. W megasquirt 3 or the pnp w the ignitor add ons it can handle coil on plug. There is even a standalone controller for using it on carbed applications. With this plug and play kit, will all the sensors like iat, tps, iac, respond correctly. This has a number of potential benefits for subaru conversions, especially when combined with our plans to make the ecus available with a harness, ready mapped for common engine configurations i. The difference in dwell time between the stock coil pack and 2xcops may be an area of concern however. Ive run custom crank triggers and cop on everything from a buick fireball 8 that we raced at bonneville, to single cylinder 5hp briggs engines. Hondata coil pack retrofit system install duration.

Mark each spot on your strip and drill with the hole saw. The megasquirtii sequencer allows the use of multiple coils in wasted spark or coilpercylinder setups. I am planning to use megasquirt, coil on plugs on my 3. This will tell the megasquirt to ignore our ignition table and hold a fixed advance. Hi, i am trying to find more info about a coil on plug system for my 2jzgte vvti engine. What are the benefits of direct ignition coil on plug.

The ms3 software includes many race type features, two stages of. Which efi and coilonplug ignition with crank trigger. Also, to test the board i first had to build a stimulator which was also a kit. The dli ignitor wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a twin coil pack or 2xcops, it would fire them just the same. Used if when you start your engine it refuses to turn off on the key. This value is a static value that the megasquirt will use to command ignition timing. Planning to use itb made in china coming soon in ebay for sale. On the driver side valve cover you can attach four a. For fuel only control, you can trigger off an inductive coils negative.

Were investigating the megasquirt aftermarket mappable ecus for use on subaru engines. If youre in the us, the ls2 truck coils with the heat sink on the back are one of the hottest oem coil per plug coils out there. Now i can control timing curves through megasquirt. Much of the tuning interface is very similar to the megasquirt3. With wasted spark or coilonplug installs, make sure that spark a operates the spark plug for.

Keep in mind, using the ignition output from the ms will leave you without the ability to control an idle air solenoid, so you will need to set this with the throttle plate. Megasquirt pnp2 standalone ecu by add serious tuning potential to your 19861993 5. People pursuing fuelonly implementations of megasquirt engine management systems wont really need this article as well be focusing on how to trigger the megasquirt from the stock crank angle sensor, a. It can function with just a variable reluctor crank position sensor and a 361 tooth wheel 361 means 36 teeth minus one, and refers to 36 evenly spaced teeth, one of which has been removed. Configured to suit your individual needs the looms range from 2 to 16 injectors, coil per plug to distributor ignition and can contain everything necessary to run the entire injection system. A laptop or tuning computer to run the included tunerstudio ms software. Im just trying to get it up running with full sequential for fuel, and wasted coil on plug for now.

Designed with the diy tuner in mind to give your mustang all the options of a custom engine management system at a fraction of the cost. Note that megasquirt may refer to the hardware board, or to the software code. Will the megasquirt work with my stock ignition system. Because the megasquirt ecu is an open source project just a bunch of guys on the internet getting together to build these things the ecu came as a kit. Im on a megasquirt and went from non vvti to vvti used my same.

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