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Nra family nssf offers free gun safety materials for you. Secret storage books hollow books and book safes from. Each one is precision handcrafted from a real book, bound with archival bookbinding glue and finished off with powerful neodymium magnets to close with a snap. This is a safe box with lock and key enveloped in faux pages. Would america be a safer place with or without guns. Our gun hiding books keep pistols or revolvers hidden and available. The idea that more guns or fewer guns has any effect on crime rates and general safety has been th. Opinion safe from fire, but not guns the new york times. Made in the usa and built to last, bookrooks provides everything you ever wanted in a hollow book. Book safe 3pack fake hollow books, hollowed out decorative faux books with secret hidden compartment box for storage hide jewelry, money, valuables, and more, vintage map design 4. Hand gun book safe hides your pistol or revolver tbotech. Book safes are easy for their owners to recognise, but they do not stand out to a thief or other intruder. This clever book safe blends in great with other books on the shelf so nobody will ever know its a safe.

You can also find antiquestyle covers with calligraphy and yellowed pages. Today i pulled the anaconda out and the rubber grips were wet, this concerns me. Streetwise fake large hardbound diversion book gun safe. Secret storage books, aka hollow books, book safes, stash boxes, hollowed out books or book boxes, are created by hand from real books in our studio off the west coast of canada. There are many companies that have book safes on the market, but why buy something that can be easily made at. Bear safes does not sacrifice on quality and reinforcement. Winchester safes h4226p125e home 12 gun safe 42 h x 26 w x 00 d electronic lock sandstone. They have a realistic leatherlook spine and felt lining. Bookrooks hollow books are handcut from real books, bound with archival quality adhesives, and finished with only the highest grade of neodymium magnets. These types of vaults use an electronic lock to create a safe and reliable firearm storage system. Im looking to pick up a gun safe in the near future. No one will look here, and no bibles were ruined either.

You will find exactly book safe box what you need at the spectacular low prices. Given that the first dozen or so pages are intact, it might pass even if having fallen. Most safe manufacturers use sheetrock or sheetrock with a layer of ceramic to fire line their safes. While this book safe has been customized to house a specific firearm, it is not intended to provide a lockable or secure storage system. Most gun safes are unfit to house such an intimidating number of guns however you have come to the gun safe company that does not bat an eye at the stockpiling of beautiful and collectable american guns. There are many real and fictitious occurrences of concealing objects in a book. Mostly children this happened on sunday the 5th of november 2017. New hampshire gun safes old glory safe company llc. From the exterior this safe looks 100% like the wellknown novel pride and prejudice by jane austen. This is a premium book safe made from an ex law book covered with a new bible jacket of our own making. I work at a gun store and we send people to tractor supply for safes because they always have the best deals. After 15 years in business, tens of thousands of book safes have been shipped worldwide.

Take for example the camping gear storage ideas gun safes 51 new. Whether you need a safe hiding spot in plain sight, a unique way to present a special gift or even pop the question. Security is not about how many bolts or how big those bolts are. Both president obama and mitt romney have supported a ban on assault weapons in the past, but both seem to have backed off for an obvious.

Streetwise fake large hardbound diversion book gun safe secret. Secret safe books are premium quality hollow book safes. Not really fool proof if you know its a safe, but the point is that it doesnt look like a safe. It does not satisfy the requirements of penal code section 23635, which mandates that all firearms sold in california be accompanied by a firearm safety device or proof of ownership, as required by law, of a gun safe that meets the section 23650 minimum safety standards developed by the california attorney general. Why fireboard is not a good insulator for gun safes sturdy. The sm will accommodate most all small to medium semiautos up to 4 58 barrels as well as 2 snub nose revolvers up to. Youve found a hidden safe specifically designed to hide your handgun inside a hollow book. Bear safes in oklahoma city best gun safes best vault. Here are some suggested gun storage options you may try. Wholesale book safe box buy cheap book safe box 2020 on.

Small items such as a photograph or a note can be hidden in between the pages of the book. Gun safes help keep money, financial records, personal records, weapons and other valuables safe and away from the hands of children. Home gun safes gun safe locations new hampshire gun safes. Are you wondering how to keep your gun safe at home, in the office, or even in your car. These are the determining factors in how well a safe will protect your valuables during an attack. Besides the traditional gun safe, plenty of products have been introduced that provide other ways to hide and store guns in your home. The hidden real paper book safe features a solid steel construction in a compact lightweight design. Easily shop wholesale book safe box from china suppliers directly for free. Hollowed out hardback book safe money secret hiding stash. The woodloft, located in the heart of illinois amish country, is your number 1 source for locally custom amish crafted items such as guncabinets,bedrooms, kitchen tables, chairs, living room furniture, and all other rooms of your house. Many in the safe industry cut costs by sacrificing welds, bends and reenforcements. We offer a wide variety of recycled books with hundreds of different titles available. The exterior is made of real paper and individual pages. Hollowed out book gun safe local officer writes fictional novel about terrorism, response but he has been on the receiving end of a gun battle and in his unique role working with a canine hes often on the front lines.

Also check out tactical walls or similar, its more of a hideinplainsight type of thing. Hidden in plain sight for your security needs when common firearm cases, holsters, and safes are simply out of reach or too obvious. How the ar15 went from military weapon to civilian gun. A safe, good one, keeps objects that are worth some good money out of the hands of thieves, can also store passports etc. Unlike mass produced fake hollow books on the market, every handgun hideout book is hand crafted in the usa from a real book. A sheriff in upstate new york is asking those hes sworn to protect to help him out.

Hidden book safe lock secret security money hollow book wall. Personal security products diversion books gun safe, 2 pack. Our book safes are finely crafted and sturdily made to last for decades. Why fireboard is not a good insulator for gun safes sheetrock fireboard gypsum board, whatever they try to call it, its still the same thing. Hide you money and your small personal items in these cool safes. Worlds largest selection of titles and custom work too. Hollowed out book safe a hidden compartment in a book. These concealment books blend seamlessly on a bookshelf and only you know whats hidden inside. The velvety interior that lines the hollowed out portion will protect whatever you decide to put inside. Premiums look brand new and include out of titles and images to look like our favourite stash book titles. Streetwise fake large hardbound diversion book gun safe secret compartment.

Book safe gun storage for a glock 19 special notedisclaimer. Book safes can look like a dictionary, atlas, or travel book. Each one is precision handcrafted from a real book, bound with archival bookbinding glue and finished off with powerful neodymium. Hidden book safe lock secret security money hollow book wall hide bible london ebay.

Figuring out the best place to put a gun safe in your home can be tricky. Book safes crafted by hand from real books are a one of a kind gift for book lovers. One of our most popular diversion safes, this hidden book safe has its center hollowed out so you can hide your valuables. Many book safe styles are large enough to hold a single handgun and magazine or several boxes of ammunition. Secret storage books hollow books and book safes from real books. Best place to put a gun safe in a home champion safe co. Concealment books 192359, gun safes at sportsmans guide. Feb 22, 2018 more than half of gun owners do not safely store all their guns, according to a new survey of 1,444 u. Handcrafted hollow book safes by bookrooks made from. In the united states alone, there are some 350 million firearmsor, as the washington post recently pointed out. Premiums look brand new and include out of titles and images to look like our favourite classic titles, such as alice in wonderland, or moby di. At dhgate were all about helping you find the book safe box you love with good quality and free shipping.

Product title winbest dual book hidden safe lock box with key lock. In the 1993 disney film the three musketeers, aramis pulls a pistol from a hollowed out bible to save dartagnan from the. Demand for the national shooting sports foundations nssf safety and education materials skyrocketed in 20, with more than 3. See, the existence of guns doesnt really figure into the equation about how safe a place is. Given that the first dozen or so pages are intact, it might pass even if having fallen to the floor. Each hollow book is a oneofakind item handcrafted with attention to detail in a ninestage process. This compact safe is disguise to appear like a hard back paper book. A biometric handgun safe is designed to protect firearms from the prying hands of children and robbers. A hollowed out book is a clever place to hide valuables. Most safes made from hollowed out books are large, hardbound classics. Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks. Concealed gun storage bible book safe for compact handguns hidden hollow secret diversion church security magnet closures. Thicker items can be hidden by removing the interior portion of some or all of the pages, creating a book safe or hollowed out book. We saved a whole bunch of brand new law books from the landfill and repurposed them with a new book jacket of our own making.

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